Chairperson Statement

 EMU Department of Architecture offers a distinctive learning environment with an inclusive approach to education for more than 1000 undergraduate and 150 postgraduate students from 50 different countries with diverse cultural backgrounds. 

Region-wise, it has a unique role in educating future architects to be equipped with the necessary knowledge and skills within an interdisciplinary approach to architectural education. While new forms of critical thinking are emphasized through studio-based holistic curricula, the variety of post-graduate programs also support research-based education for advanced scholars. 

The department is supported by nearly eighty full-time employees in teaching and research, teaching assistants, and part-time staff, many are highly successful practitioners who also work as free-lance architects operating in both the university and the profession. 

The four-year integrative curriculum is frequently revised and updated to fulfill the existing national and international requirements for accreditation and extending the vision of the department. 

The architectural design studios are at the very center of our undergraduate education; they provide a proper arena for critical thinking, a milieu for addressing the social, technical, and environmental issues of an architectural project. 

This catalog provides an insight into studio products as the structural constituents of the curriculum. It represents the outputs of every studio. Each studio has supporting, complementary, and guiding roles within the whole curriculum while maintaining its unique role and significance within the specific semester. 

I would like to express my gratitude to the academic staff, teaching assistants, and students for being a part of our community – sharing a common vision and mission and supporting the collective identity of the EMU Department of Architecture.