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8th Sand Sculpture Festival in EMU

8th Sand Sculpture Festival in EMU
Published Date: Monday, 9 June 2014

Organised jointly by Eastern Mediterranean University Industrial Design Department, Interior Architecture Department and the Activity Center, 8th “EMU Sand Sculpture Festival and Competition” took place at EMU Beach Club. The event which brought together students from different universities and the Famagusta community was held with the participation of 70 different groups.  Members of the competition jury were Eser Keçici  (NEU), Sinem Ertaner (GAU), Serhat Selışık (EMU), Ahmet Saymanlıer (CIU), Kokan Grechev (EMU) and Uğur Dağlı (EMU). Award winning groups were ‘Turtles’, ‘Ç’, ‘Anonymous’, ‘Tarikati Tahribat’ and ‘Pirouz’. This unique activity gave the participants a chance to experience an unforgettable day within our island’s exceptional natural beauty. 

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