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Chairperson's Statement

EMU Department of Architecture has a unique role in the region to equip future architects with necessary knowledge and skills through an interdisciplinary approach to architectural education. We are proud that the Bachelor of Architecture degree—as offered by the Department of Architecture—has been granted both NAAB International Certification and MIAK accreditation, making it the only architecture program in the region to receive such recognitions.

Having students and academic staff from various cultural backgrounds places diversity, equity, and inclusion at the center of attention in our educational environment. As a student here, you will benefit from our program's strong standing in architectural design studios. In the design studios, your perspective will be deepened through engagement with various effective factors ranging from your international and multicultural peers to renowned faculty along with well-known contributing practitioners, guest lecturers, and jury members. Your design ability will be supported by a flexible curriculum, including elective courses from interdisciplinary fields, that regularly goes through evaluation and revision.

We are pleased to present the impactful, inclusive, up-to-date, and international culture that we have in our Department of Architecture. I invite you to learn more about our department where you can engage in, share, and discover an amazing learning environment for young people.

Prof.Dr. Rafooneh Mokhtarshahi Sani

Chairperson, Department of Architecture

Eastern Mediterranean University​


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