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The Bachelor of Architecture (158 credits) degree offered by the Department of Architecture has been granted continuation of NAAB International Certification for a term of six years, effective January 1, 2022. Eastern Mediterranean University’s next visit will be held in 2028. 
Eastern Mediterranean University, Faculty of Architecture, Department of Architecture has received the NAAB International Certification designation for the Bachelor of Science in Architecture program in 2016

Program Accredited by the NAAB in the United States

The NAAB Board of Directors established its first international assessment program in 2003, then known as Substantial Equivalency (SE). Between 2003 and 2019, 16 programs achieved the SE designation. In mid-2019, the NAAB conducted two surveys of its constituent programs to examine the SE program and, based on the results, decided to change the name from Substantial Equivalency to NAAB International Certification.

NAAB International Certification identifies a program as comparable in educational outcomes in all significant aspects to a U.S.-based program and indicates that it provides an educational experience meeting acceptable standards, even though such program may differ in format or method of delivery. The designation is valid for six years beginning 1 January of the year in which the final visit (Visit 3) took place. In order to maintain the designation, the program must be visited again in the sixth year of the designation. 

Schools with programs identified as holding NAAB International Certification are not formally “accredited" as that term is used with reference to programs in the United States and may not refer to their programs as “accredited" by the NAAB. However, students who graduate from internationally certified programs are able to apply for individualized review of their credentials on an expedited basis for purposes of the Educational Evaluation Services for Architects program administered by the NAAB on behalf of the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards. Eastern Mediterranean University has received the International Certification designation from the National Architectural Accrediting Board for the following professional degree program or sequence: Bachelor of Architecture 2016.

Programs interested in learning more about NAAB International Certification should contact Terron Scott, Director of Global Programs at


NAAB International Certification Resources

Decision Letter from NAAB - 2016.pdf

Visiting Team Report.pdf

Architecture Program Report for 2016 NAAB Visit Three for Substantial Equivalenc.Part 1

Architecture Program Reprt for 2016 NAAB Visit Three for Sustantial Equivalenc. Part 2




Eastern Mediterranean University ICert Decision Letter.pdf

Eastern Mediterranean University 2022 VTR_Final.pdf

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