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Naciye DoratlıA Model for Conservation and Revitalisation of Historic Urban Quarters in North CyprusProf. Dr. İbrahim NumanSeptember, 2000Urban Conservation
Özlem Olgaç TürkerA Model For the Conservation and Continuity of a Vernacular Settlement: Kaplıca Village, North CyprusProf. Dr. Nurten AksugürOctober, 2002Urban Conservation
Halil AlibabaAn Expert System for the Selection of Building Elements During Architectural DesignProf. Dr. Mesüt B.ÖzdenizOctober, 2003



Mukaddes FaslıA Model for Sustaining City Identity: Case Study: Lefkosa (Nicosia) in North CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Şebnem Hoşkara &Assoc. Prof. Dr. UğurDağlıDecember, 2003Urban Design/Planning

Nil Paşaoğulları


A Study on the Design Principles of Public Open Spaces in the Walled cities: Case of NicosiaAsst.Prof. Dr. Naciye DoratlıJuly, 2004Urban Design/Planning

Polat Hancer



Thermal Insulations of Roofs for Warm Climates

Prof. Dr. Mesüt B.Özdeniz


October, 2005Environmental Control
Fereshteh HabibA socio-Culture Attempt in Perceiving Urban Space: ChaharBagh Street.Prof. Dr. İbrahim NumanOctober, 2008Urban Design/Planning
Farnaz PakdelMeasuring Sense of Place in Traditional Iranian BazaarProf. Dr. İbrahim NumanFebruary,  2009Theory of Architecture
Ceren BogacArchitecture for Meaning: Expression of Social Values through Urban Housing in Gazimagusa-North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Saim NalkayaSeptember, 2009Urban/ Psychology
Rafooneh Mokhtarshahi SaniAn Inquiry into Iranian Architecture Manifestation of Identity, Symbolism, and Power in the Safavid's Public BuildingProf. Dr. İbrahim NumanSeptember, 2009Theory of Architecture
Cemil AtakaraDetermining Factors of Complexity in StructureAssoc. Prof. Dr. Yonca HürolOctober, 2010Structures
Noor CholisIdhamSeismic Vulnerability Assessment in Vernacular Houses: The Rapid Visual Screening Procedure for Non Engineered Building with Application to Java IndonesiaAssist. Prof. Dr. Munther Moh'dMay, 2011Vernacular Architecture

Nazife Ozay


Modernity and Architecture of a Developing Country; North CyprusAssist. Prof. Dr. Huseyin M. AtesinAugust, 2005

Design / Theory


MünevverÖzgurÖzersayThe Essential Structure of an Empowering Interaction in the Design Studio: The Student's PerspectiveAssoc.Prof.Dr. UstunAlsacMarch 2007Design / Education
Yara  SaifiOn political conflict and architecture: Evaluation of the architectural context of Jerusalem's conflictAssoc. Prof. Dr. Yonca HürolJuly, 2012Theory of Architecture
Nevter Zafer ComertTesting an Integrated Methodology for Urban Typo- Morphological Analysis on Famagusta and LudlowProf. Dr. Sebnem HoskaraMarch 2013Urban Design
Can KaraSimulating Suatainable Urban growth by using  GIS and MCE based CA. the case of Famagusta North CyprusProf. Dr. Nacye DoratliSeptember, 2013Urban Design
Afet CelikerPhilosophical questing of architecture with an emphasis on Feng ShuiAsst.Prof. Dr. Banu T.cavusogluMay 2013Philosophy in Architecture
Pinar UlucayA critical evaluation of town planning law of northern Cyprus in line with the European Spatial development perspectiveProf. Dr. Nacye DoratliJuly 2013Urban planning
Payam MahastyPlace making for silk road cities in Iran: Process & StrategiesProf. Dr. sebnem. O. HoskaraSeptember 2013Urban Design
Müge RizaThe 'CreXperience city': setting up a branding strategy for small cities: the case of FamagustaProf. Dr. Nacye DoratliOctober 2014Urban Design
Kamil GüleyA methodological approach to the usage of Colour of façade design : Case of Salamis Road, FamagustaProf. Dr. A. Uğur U. DağliOctober 2014Philosophy in Architecture
Parastoo PourvahidiThes Study of the Relation between Spatial Organization and Climate in Traditional Iranian Architecture by the Use of Graph TheoryAsst. Prof. Dr. Polat HançerAugust 2014Philosophy in Architecture
Ghazal Farjami ArdakaniLatest attempt in Iranian architecture towards the authenticity: a model of modern tectonics in relation to lightnessProf. Dr. Yunca HorolMarch 2015Philosophy in Architecture
Hale NejadriahiAssessing the role of courtyards in spatial organisation of the traditional houses of KashanProf. Dr. Ozgur DincyurekJune 2015Philosophy in Architecture
Oznem SahaliA model on Newstereotomics of the contemporary masonry buildingsProf. Dr. Yunca HorolJune 2015Philosophy in Architecture
Buket AsilsoyMeasuring the Potential for Ecological Citizenship among Famagusta ResidentsProf. Derya. OktaySeptember 2015Philosophy in Architecture
Hourakhsh Ahmad NiaA Model for Analysing Effects of Urban Spatial Configuration on Aesthetic PerceptionAssoc. Prof. Dr. Resmiye Alpar AtunNovember, 2015Philosophy in Architecture
Shirin IzadpanahA post Occupancy Quality Evaluation Model for Preschool Settings' Interior Spaces (PSIS)Assist. Prof. Dr. Kagan GunceDecember, 2015Philosophy in Architecture
Mumune Selen AbbasogluAn Interdisciplinary Analytical Method For Reading Facades: Case Study of Village Squares of Kyrenia, North CyprusAssoc. Prof. Dr. Ugur U. DagliJune, 2016Philosophy in Architecture
Ehsan RezaThe Elucidation of Terraced Housing in Iranian Vernacular Architecture Through Fractal Models: In Case of Masouleh and Abyaneh SettlementsProf. Dr. Ozgur DincyurekJuly, 2016Philosophy in Architecture
Damla MisirlisoyA Holistic Model for Adaptive Reuse Strategies of Heritage BuildingAssoc. Prof. Dr. Kagan GunceAugust, 2016Philosophy in Architecture
Timothy Onosahwo IyendoA Model for Understanding the Role of Sound Perception in Hospital SpaceAssoc. Prof Rafooneh M. SaniSeptember, 2016Philosophy in Architecture
Fodei Moiwai ContehInterrogating the Liveability of Kissy Street, Freetown: A Socio-spatial ApproachProf. Dr. Derya OktayNovember, 2016Philosophy in Architecture
Ahenk Yilgin DamgaciRe-reading a Divided City Through Social Actors and Media Archives: Nicosia 1960-2010Prof. Dr. Ugur U. DagliFebruary, 2017Philosophy in Architecture
Ayse ArslanExploration of Changing Dynamics of Small House Spatiality: From Minimised Space Usage to Dynamic Living SpaceAssoc. Prof.Dr. Turkan Ulusu UrazApril, 2017Philosophy in Architecture
Mustafa AknarCure for Urban RuptureAssoc. Prof. Dr. Resmiye Alpar AtunApril, 2017Philosophy in Architecture
Nima TalebianIdentity Of Place, considering Place as Assemblage in the case of Mortafa Housing Complex, IranAssoc. Prof. Dr. Beril OzmenMay, 2017Philosophy in Architecture
Sima NabizadehWomen and Home in Iran; The Impact of Ideological Tides through Modernization and IslamizationAssoc. Prof.Dr. Turkan Ulusu UrazJune, 2017Philosophy in Architecture
Nilay BilselTurkish Cypriot Public Scholl Architecture from 1878 to 2000: the Socio- Political and Educational ReflectionsProf. Dr. Ozgur DincyurekJily, 2017Philosophy in Architecture
Mohammad Mehdi KalantarzadehA model of city Branding through Health Tourism:The case study of Shiraz cityProf. Dr.Mukaddes PolayDecember 2017Philosophy in Architecture
Amir Reza FarhbodAn Integrated Framwork for the Architectural Evaluation of the Identity of Qajar HousesProf. Dr. A. Uğur U. DağliFebruary 2018Philosophy in Architecture
Sertac IlterA Guideline for Double Skin Facades in an Initial Design phase:Applying Cross Ranking and Fuzzy Logic Methods for Temperate Climate RegionAssoc.Prof.Dr.S.Mujdem VuralJuly 2018Philosophy in Architecture
Soad Abokhamis MousaviAn Evaluation Model for Sustainable Hotel Buildings:A case of Northern CyprusAss.Prof.Dr.Ercan Hoskara SupervisorAugust 2018Philosophy in Architecture
Aminreza IranmaneshExploring the Distribution of urban socio spatial interactions through the perspective of digital mobile communicationProf.Dr. Resmiye Alpar AtunJanuary 2019Philosophy in Architecture
Abolfazl DehghanmongabadiAn Integrated Framework for Planning Complete Streets towards Sustainable Mobilityrof.Dr. Shebnem HoshkaraJanuary 2019Philosophy in Architecture
Amir Sasan HadianMetaphoric and Analogical reasoning of structures in contemporary Architecture of IranAssoc.Prof.Dr. Rafooneh M. saniJanuary 2019Philosophy in Architecture
Haleh BoostaniA Comarative Model for Selection of opaque Wall Constructions in hot and humid ClimatesAss.Prof.Dr.Polat HancerMay  2019Philosophy in Architecture
Gultekin CizgenExplorative Investigation of Intuition in Design ActivityAssoc. Prof.Dr. Turkan Ulusu UrazJun  2019Philosophy in Architecture
Mubarak Mohammed OsmanAdaptation of Climate Responsive Building Design strategies andresilience to climate change in the hot/arid region of Khartoum city, SudanAssist. Prof. Dr. Harun SevincJuly 2019Philosophy in Architecture
Patrick Chukwuemeke UwajehA Framework for Improving Healthcare Environments of Alzheimer s and Dementia Patients using Therapeutic GardensProf. Dr.Mukaddes PolayAugust 2019Philosophy in Architecture

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