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Mission and Vision

The Mission Statement of the Department of Architecture:

The mission of the department is to educate future architects, scholars, decision-makers, and agents of change, who have social, environmental, and ethical sensibilities when they frame an argument, synthesize design problems, and develop alternate possibilities. New forms of critical thinking and research-oriented learning are stressed through our studio-based holistic curricula, our integration of theory and practice, and our variety of post-graduate programs.  

The department has a multicultural student profile that encourages a broad range of methodologies and actions for achieving a sustainable educational milieu and lifelong learning. The mission of the department supports inclusiveness for a greater magnitude of impact by removing barriers and exposing students to various cultural backgrounds and diverse perspectives. We educate future architects, leaders, and scholars to have ethical, critical, and innovative approaches to global goals while considering local values.  

The mission of the department is grounded in the concept of engendering multidisciplinary interactions for adjustable design thinking through studio-based holistic curricula and sustainable solutions including developing research and on-site projects to address contemporary, emerging, and changing issues for the community.    

The Vision of the Department:

The vision of the department is to sustain the international recognition and continue on being one of the leading schools of architecture specifically in the region and moreover world-wide. It aims to provide a high quality of expertise to the national and international communities towards the necessities of local and global context and enriching multidisciplinary education.

The department also aims, to become a regionally renowned and reputable school in education research by having an innovative role in architectural sustainable research and practices. This includes providing community service with alumni in the world; hosting an adaptive legacy for future generations; thinking critically and exploring creatively to improve the environment ecologically, socially and culturally; and promoting multi-disciplinary education with art, and technology

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