Mission and Vision

the Mission Statement of the Department of Architecture:

The mission of the department is to educate future architects, scholars and decision-makers, who have an ethical and critical approach towards developing awareness on societal, cultural and environmental issues. The new forms of critical thinking and research-oriented learning are emphasized through studio based holistic curricula, integrating theory and practice and having a variety of post-graduate programs.

The department that has multicultural student profile encourages diverse methodologies for lifelong learning and research possibilities, providing good research data bases and resources to attract qualified, diversified and enthusiastic researchers and students from all around the world. Due to owned democratic, participatory and transparent character of the department, sustainable educational milieu is supported by the continuous accreditation process.

In order to have graduates who lead and serve for many sectors of the society, the department stresses on up-to-date knowledge of technologies, teamwork and intellectual development through innovative and creative activities. The graduates are expected to cope with rapid global changes, to react rationally as well as creatively to contemporary issues in architecture, its problems and challenges.

The Vision of the Department:

The vision of the Department is to sustain the international recognition, to become one of the best schools of architecture in the Mediterranean region. It aims to provide a high quality of expertise to the local, national and international communities.

The undergraduate and graduate programs of Architecture Department target to enrich a multidisciplinary education by the interaction of arts, science and technology.