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EMU Student's Elating Achievements

EMU Student
Published Date: Thursday, 4 August 2016

Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU), Architecture Faculty, Department of Architecture postgraduate student Fjolla Mulliqi has once again made the university proud. Mulliqi, participated in the Hunter Douglas Awards of Archiprix International. Her project was amongst the top 60 projects in the category “2015 European Architectural Metals, Best Diploma Projects”.

Mulliqi, also participated in the “Architecture and Education Congress-VIII-Diploma Projects Exhibition” in Turkey, successfully representing EMU. In addition, her Peace, Connection, Union themed Nicosia Parliament building received first place in the best rising idea category of the “Archiprix International Representative Finishing Project”.

Mulliqi, also created the design of a famous Balkan television studio (Ekonomia me Erezen Show) and product designs for the “ViaArt Institute” in Kosovo. After catching the eye of different media organizations in the Balkans with her unusual style and approach, Mulliqi became one of the most wanted female architects in the Balkans.

Mulliqi, stated that the education she received at EMU played a large part in her success and highlighted the fact that EMU provides its students with a high quality international education. Mulliqi, noted that in comparison with other professions, female architects require a lot of ambition in order to prevent sexist approaches and reach success.

Mulliqi, noted that despite receiving numerous offers from architectural studios in a number of different countries such as Albania, Turkey and Dubai, she is unclear about what she wants to do after finishing her postgraduate education. Mulliqi also expressed her satisfaction regarding being a part of the EMU, not only as a postgraduate student but also as a research assistant.

Mulliqi concluded by addressing architecture students at EMU. “You must be patient. Architecture is a profession that requires a lot of time, hard work and creativity. We have all been handed the tools necessary to be successful and successful we will be if we can find within the right amount of inspiration and passion. Be the best version of yourselves.”