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Applications for the Architectural Project Contest for Muratağa, Sandallar and Atlılar Continue

Applications for the Architectural Project Contest for Muratağa, Sandallar and Atlılar Continue
Published Date: Monday, 30 November 2015

Applications for Eastern Mediterranean University Architecture Faculty, Design and Research Center’s (TASAR) architectural design project contest for Muratağa, Sandallar and Atlılar Martyrs Memorial continue. The said contest will be taking place under the coordination of TASAR and with the support and contributions of TRNC President’s Office, EMU, Cyprus Turkish Chamber of Architects, and Cyprus Turkish Constructors’ Association.

Chair of TASAR Assist. Prof. Dr. Ercan Hoşkara stated that as part of the work of the Committee on Missing Persons, identity identification procedures of martyrs buried in war cemeteries in Muratağa – Sandallar and Atlılar have been initiated. Prof. Dr. Ercan Hoşkara added that the said committee is expecting to receive the results within a year upon the completion of DNA tests. Once the identity identification has taken place, a separate funeral for each person and family will take place. In this respect, the need for the re-organisation of the existing war cemeteries as well as a museum displaying personal belongings of the deceased has arisen.

Commenced on 16 November 2015, the application period for the contest will continue until 7 December 2015. The document listing the conditions for the said contest may be obtained from Architecture Faculty. Assist. Prof. Dr. Hoşkara added that the projects of the participants should be submitted on 11 January 2016. Following the evaluations of the jury on 14 January 2016, results of the contest will be announced on 15 December 2016. According to Assist. Prof. Dr. Hoşkara, the first phase of the construction is planned to be completed by 14 August 2016.

Further information about the contest may be obtained at or 630 13 46.