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EMU Architecture Department Hosted a Seminar on Cultural Heritage

EMU Architecture Department Hosted a Seminar on Cultural Heritage
Published Date: Friday, 19 June 2015

Eastern Mediterranean University, Architecture Faculty organised a seminar with the participation of UNDP – PFF (United Nations Development Programme - Partnership for the Future) officials. PFF project member Fatma Terlik and PFF program coordinator Tiziana Zennaro delivered speeches in the seminar which was also participated by the cultural heritage committee members. 

The seminar which took place within the framework of EMU Architecture Faculty ARCH 311: Conservation and Restoration Principles Course and with the initiation of Prof. Dr. Kokan Grchev and Assoc. Prof. Dr. Beser Oktay Vehbi  attracted great interest from undergraduate and postgraduate students as well as the academic staff of Architecture Department. During the seminar, Zennaro talked about their mission and stated that the European Commission has been supporting the cultural heritage in Cyprus since 2009. Zennaro also talked about small, medium and large scale  projects they have carried out throughout Cyprus. Giving information about completed, ongoing and prospective projects, Zennaro also talked about the importance and sensitivity of their projects.

Following Zennaro, Fatma Terlik provided information about Famagusta Othello Castle and Apostolos Andreas Monastery projects which will be completed during 2016. Terlik added that during the restoration work, they received financial support from the EU, Evkaf Foundation and Cypriot Churches.

Having undertaken numerous projects both in the Northern and Southern parts of Cyprus, the project team also talked about prospective projects. At the end of the seminar, EMU Architecture Department Chair Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek presented certificates to the participants and announced the opening of “Cultural Heritage Postgraduate Program” during the upcoming semester.