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Announcement for Summer Practice

Published Date: Friday, 4 June 2021


Dear Students,

Last Submission Day of the Summer Practice: 11st of October 2021 - 14:00


Submission will be available for those, who was register to the relevant summer practice course in 2020/21 Spring semester.


General Rules

The steps that you should follow during the summer practice;

The first step; - sending the registration form (other forms also must be send, if the insurance requested)

  • The insurance application (if requested) must be completed before the beginning of the training.
  • The photo must be pasted on the form.
If Insurance is not required
  • Only Registration Form.

If Insurance is required
  • Registration Form and;

+ Payment Details (for insurance, 5Tl for each day)

+ Consultancy Certificate (Mustahaklik Belgesi) for TC Citizens.

The second step; - filling the booklet day by day (25 working days is requested)

The booklet link is in the below link;  

The third step; printing the booklet and registration form and taking signatures and stamp by the firm that you complete your internship.

  • Firm will sign and stamp each page of your booklet.
  • Firm will sign, stamp and give your grade with explanation on the registration form.

The fourth and last step; scan the booklet/s and form/s and send to us via the mail of;  

Important Note: Submission is available for those, who register to the relevant summer practice course in previous semester.

For example; if you are planning to do your summer practice in 2021 summer, the summer practice course/s must be selected on 20/21 Spring registration process. Or, if you are planning to do your summer practice on next February break, you must select the summer practice course on 21/22 fall semester registration period.


There are 3 summer practices;

1) Arch190; design and build 'construction of design idea' (not possible online)

2) Arch290; following the construction duties at the firm

3) Arch390; following architectural office duties at the firm


  • At summer, you can do 2 of them (if you will not register for summer school).
    • If you will register to summer school, you can do only one of your summer practices.
  • At February break, you are able to get one of those.

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We wish you a fruitful training process…