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Architecture Master's Program (without Thesis)


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Course Title Credit Lec. Tut.
MARC591 Architectural Design - I

This studio builds upon the experience of the previous design studios at Bachelor Degree level, in the sense that increasingly complex design problems are addressed.

7 4 -
MARC541 Integrated Systems In Architecture

A course which emphasizes the Building design and construction process as a total system problem: overall structural planning and sequence of assembly, review of design for constructability; structural systems and their components

3 2 -
MARC551 Architecture and Building Economy

Financial planning, including cash flow analysis and return on equity models; comparison of alternatives; architecture and economy; the development cycle of a building and cost phases, conceptual design in architecture and building cost decision; factors effecting cost of the building: including building size, building shape, plan geometry, height, climate; Quality consideration; aesthetic consideration; structural consideration; life cycle costing and energy consideration; quantity take-off methods.

3 3 -
MARC561 Architectural Theory and Criticism

This course explores how architects and theorists have attempted to conceptualize the essence of architecture and deals with researches into architectural thought and philosophies which have implications for design disciplines.

3 3 -
MARC581 Computer Applications in Architecture

The responsibilities of architects through the building production process, computer aided architectural design and rendering, computer aided modeling, computer applications for architectural database, and documentation

3 2 -
MARC592 Architectural Design - II

This is the design studio aiming to develop first phase of the architectural design project which would be completed in Final Term Project.

7 4 -
MARC542 Building Technology and Structural Design

The primary mission of architects is sustainability in architecture, which considers environmental criteria. Introduction of the theory and concepts related to sustainability in building technology; to examine them at the scales of building material, element and overall building; definition of performance requirements and their relationship with the available technologies; to apply the theoretical knowledge of construction design to practice through case studies and assignments, definition of sub-systems and their integration and so on.

3 2 -
MARC562 People-Environment Studies

Introduction to the range of research into man- environment relationships which have implications for design disciplines; theories, models, approaches and important concepts in man-environment studies in regards to anthropological, ecological, sociological, cultural issues.

3 3 -
MARC594 Legal and Managerial Aspects in Architecture

This course introduces the fundamentals of planning, and Environment of Management, project Planning including organizational planning and goal setting, strategy formulation and implementation, managerial decision making.

3 3 -
REQ1 Elective Course 3 3 -
MARC599 Term Project - - -

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