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Architecture Master's Program (without Thesis)

Degree: M.Arch.
Duration (Years): 1 - 1.5
Language: English

Architecture Master's Program (without Thesis)

Department of Architecture aims to widen the scope of the Master of Architecture program (M.Arch.) through introducing new alternative routes to graduate students with varying interests or professional perspectives. In line with many reputable architectural schools abroad, Department of Architecture offers a new professional degree opportunity, namely the Master of Architecture (M.Arch). The program is tailored to accommodate individual interests and methodologies to improve the professional skills of students (architects) on the basis of advanced architectural design projects. The Master of Architecture is a one year professional degree program without thesis for those who wish to deepen their design abilities and expand their knowledge of contemporary theory, technology, and environmental systems, as well as professional issues in the discipline of architecture.

Admission Requirements

Candidates for admission to the M.Arch. Program should have a B.Arch. degree in architecture. The graduates of the program obtain the title of a registered / practicing architect.

Documents needed to apply to the programs offered by the Department of Architecture

In addition to the documents specified in the application form, the Department of Architecture also requires:

  • A Portfolio [Content of the portfolio includes all research and architectural projects produced in the undergraduate and/or postgraduate courses and other professional skills and performances (in A4, A3 hardcopy or CD format)]
  • A curriculum vitae (CV),
  • Reference Letter(s),
  • A Copy of the last Diploma,
  • Transcripts of previous degrees,
  • A letter of Intention / proposal (in which the field and reasons of study of the candidates are clearly stated.)
  • Master thesis abstract (only for PhD applicants)
  • Scientific publications (if any)(only for PhD applicants)

Research Interests

Architectural design, Architectural design theory, Architectural history, Architectural education, Architecture, Identity and N.Cyprus, Vernacular architecture, Tourism architecture, Housing design, Housing policies, Housing education, Architecture and the city, Urban representation, Urban culture, Architecture and politics, Cultural heritage, Restoration, Building and urban conservation, Urban design (theory & education), Urban regeneration & revitalization, Sustainability, Environmental conservation, Open building design, Green architecture, Intelligent building design, Construction, Structure and architecture, Earthquake, Materials and architecture, Construction management, Risk management, Environmental control, Environmental issues, Integration of building systems, Interior design, Furniture design, Lighting and colour theory in design, Acoustics, Environmental control in interior design, Renovation, Human behaviour in interior space, Design for disabled.


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Degree: M.Arch.
Duration (Years): 1 - 1.5
Language: English
Course Code Course Title Credit Lecture Hour (hrs/week) Tutorial (hrs/week)
MARC591 Architectural Design - I 6 4 4
MARC541 Integrated Systems in Architecture 3 2 2
MARC551 Architecture and Building Economy 3 3 -
MARC561 Architectural Theory and Criticism 3 3 -
MARC581 Computer Applications in Architecture 3 2 2
MARC592 Architectural Design - II 6 4 4
MARC542 Building Technology and Structural Design 3 2 2
MARC562 People-Environment Studies 3 3 -
MARC594 Legal and Managerial Aspects of Architectural Practice 3 3 1
REQ1 Required Course 3 3 -
MARC599 Term Project - - -

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