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Monday, 6 May 2024, 10:00 AM - Saturday, 11 May 2024, 17:00 PM
Faculty of Architecture


In continuation of the collaborative and creative spirit cultivated by previous INTDW gatherings,we proudly unveil the theme for this year's event: 


11th EMU International Design Week theme builds upon the established understandings of “symbiosis"as a relationship or interaction between entitiessharing similar habitats.Synonyms such as “together living"(as an association or close union of two or more dissimilar entities), and “mutualism"(asa cooperative relationship between persons or groups) are seamlessly integratedinto the fabric of this design week's narrative. 

Participants in a "symbiosis"-themed design week will delve into the concept of mutual benefit and interdependence in design. Drawing inspiration from symbiotic relationships found in nature, initiatives aimed at fostering harmonious interactions between various elements will be explored. Additionally, a deeper examination of  social relations in design may be prompted by the symbiotic concept, highlighting the potential for design to promote diversity, collaboration, and community engagement. 

This theme invites participants to explore the interconnectedness of nature, culture, and technology within the context of design. Through the lens of symbiosis, we aim to facilitate dialogue and collaboration to bridge gaps, foster understanding, and inspire innovative approaches to 21st-century design challenges. By integrating elements from the natural world, drawing inspiration from diverse cultural heritage, and harnessing cutting-edge technologies, our goal is to foster a holistic approach to design. 

Therefore, we are welcoming with the 11th Design Week:

  •    4 International Architecture Design Offices

            Snohetta Studio, Etcetera Studio, Utopia Blu, Ergin Birinci Studio

  •    International Workshops and Speeches

           Charlie Hailey, Kalebodur Talks(Celal Abdi Guzer, Atilla Kuzu, Emre Kuzlu) including more than 10 additional workshops with valuable guests within our Campus and around the world.

  •      Student Competition by ISVEA
  • Symbiotic Colors of Mediterranean         

Join us as we embark on a journey of exploration, discovery, and co-creation, shaping the future of design through interdisciplinary exchange and shared vision. 

You may find the poster and the program of 11th EMU International Design Week at the attached documents. Posters for each and every event already being prepared and will be shared thorugh the social media.

You are kindly asked to share the information about event/s with your students by announcing at your classes in order to encourage their participation.

Hope to have a fruitful design week with your support,  contributions and participations.



Summer Practice I - Technical Collaboration.

Architecture is a constantly evolving field with a close relationship to technical disciplines. This summer, the Department of Architecture offers an opportunity to strengthen your technical skills as you proceed with your architectural education.

During the Summer Practice I, students will explore the Integration of architecture and technical engineering, participating in all the project phases to enhance their holistic experience and advance their careers in architecture.

Note: Students must register, pay their fees at the accounting office, and bring their receipt to office ARCH013 (Office Building). 

The last day for registering and bringing the receipt is 30th of May.

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