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EMU Architecture Department Attended Venice Architecture Biennial

EMU Architecture Department Attended Venice Architecture Biennial
Published Date: Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Eastern Mediterranean University Architecture Faculty, Architecture Department organised a technical visit which also involved the department’s participation in 2014 Venice Architecture Biennial within the framework of the second stage of ARCH300 internship practice course. As one of the most important architectural events of the world, Venice Biennial first took place in 1895 under the title of ‘decorative arts’. The event’s importance has progressively increased since 1907 with the inclusion of the pavilions of different countries as well as exhibitions displaying modern arts trends. The traditional event which houses various branches of arts such as music, dance and theatre, took place between 7 June and 23 November.

Taking place under the main theme of “FUNDAMENTAL” and the curatorship of world renowned architect Rem Koolhas, the aforesaid biennial hosted 66 countries including pavilions of Cyprus and Turkey.

During the technical visit which was attended by EMU Architecture Department’s second and third year students, two days were spent on discovering the city of Venice and the remaining time was spent on analysing the pavilions of different countries. In order to understand the general focus and the main idea of the event, students started their analysis at “The Elements of Architecture” pavilion designed by Rem Koolhas.

Students also visited “San Gigimanio”, an antique city which is currently under the protection of UNESCO, world’s 4th biggest cathedral in Milano and “MAXXI Museum”, which received  RIBA Stirling 2010 Award.

During the 7-day technical visit, students had a chance to analyse the interaction of history, nature, culture and arts with architecture.