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“Clean Beach Coalition” by EMU Architecture Department

“Clean Beach Coalition” by EMU Architecture Department
Published Date: Wednesday, 22 October 2014

In line with its ongoing commitment in developing initiatives towards societal, cultural and environmental responsibilities of prospective architects, EMU Architecture Department has introduced a new activity raising the community’s attention to environmental problems. The  collective event entitled the “Clean Beach Coalition”, was also supported by Yeniboğaziçi Municipality in terms of human and physical resources.

The “Clean Beach Coalition” acted as a creative tool in providing service to the local and national community as well as achieving the goals and means of inclusive education through social and environmental responsibility.

The first stage of the activity which was participated by around 300 students, academic staff and research assistants took place within the area between Bedi’s Beach and EMU Beach Club. The event, through which the organisers expected to endorse the cultural sensitivity as well as to spread the spirit of a team work in a sense of institutionally promoted cultural diversity and respect.

Organisers of the event from EMU Architecture Department stated that the footprints of shared values and awareness pointed to respectful behavior towards the clean seashores throughout the island, will hopefully help not to ask for a while the question “How Much of A Coastal Footprint are We Leaving Behind?”

Following the event during which 3 kilometer coastline was cleaned up, a cocktail at EMU Beach Club took place. After the cocktail, Architecture Department Chair Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek presented certificates of appreciation to students, academic staff and research assistants who took part in the aforesaid event.

During his closing address, Prof. Dr. Dinçyürek stated the department will be pursuing activities as such as the department is committed to support the development of environmental and social awareness and responsibility of prospective candidates.