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Technical Observation Trip to Apostolos Andreas Monastery in Karpaz

Technical Observation Trip to Apostolos Andreas Monastery in Karpaz
Published Date: Thursday, 31 March 2016

The Interior Architecture Department of the Architecture Faculty at the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) has been offering undergraduate courses since 1997. It has also been offering Master’s courses since the 2010-2011 Fall Academic Term. The Master’s courses can be completed both with or without a thesis.  In the Master’s course titled INAR 506 ‘Renovation Practices’ the protection of historical buildings and terms related to renovation are discussed. Alongside theoretical discussion, on-site technical observation is also a part of the course.

For the first trip of the course convened by EMU Interior Architecture Department staff member Assist. Prof. Dr. Hacer Basarir, students currently pursuing their postgraduate and doctoral degree studies in EMU traveled to Apostolos Andreas Monastery located in Karpaz region. The UNDP is currently carrying out restoration work at the Monastery.

The trip that took place with the permission of the UNDP provided students with the opportunity to examine and discuss the practices on location.  During the technical trip, UNDP architects and contractors provided information about the restoration taking place and the historical and sociological significance of the site.  Students found the trip quite beneficial as they had the opportunity to convert theoretical information into practice.