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EMU Architecture Department Graduation Jury Hosted 38 Project Presentations

EMU Architecture Department  Graduation Jury Hosted 38 Project Presentations
Published Date: Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Eastern Mediterranean University Architecture Faculty, Architecture Department’s 2015-2016 Academic Year Fall Semester Graduation Jury took place with the project presentations of 38 students. 

The 2-day graduation jury hosted famous Turkish architect Cafer Bozkurt, who has been nominated for Aga Han Awards numerous times, experienced architect from South Cyprus Andreas Lordos, KTMMOB Chamber of Architects Chair Azmi Öğe and EMU Civil Engineering Department research assistant Amir Bahador Nataj.

Giving the students possibilities to work on different projects at North Cyprus’ different regions, this year, EMU Architecture Department provided the students with the opportunity to design an Underwater Archaeology Department and Recreational Area University Campus Building. One of the main themes of the project is to present an environmentally sensitive and sustainable design. Within the framework of the project, architect candidates spent noteworthy effort in producing innovative and contemporary ideas.

Following the presentations, EMU Architecture Department Chair Prof. Dr. Özgür Dinçyürek thanked the students for their intensive participation in the event and, at the same time, expressed his belief that, upon their graduation, students will represent Eastern Mediterranean University in the best way possible by putting their signatures on endless successes.

Following project presentations, jury members, academic staff and students attended a colloquium, where project evaluations took place. Exchanging information and providing feedback on the projects, participants once again stressed the importance of environmental awareness.

After the colloquium, the best project presentation award, the best design project award and ARCHIPIX Turkey representative award were presented to the owners of the winning projects.