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Ferhat Can and Volkan Başocak Gave a Seminar on "Innovative Construction Technique: Wood-Hybrid System" at EMU Faculty of Architecture

Ferhat Can and Volkan Başocak Gave a Seminar on "Innovative Construction Technique: Wood-Hybrid System" at EMU Faculty of Architecture
Published Date: Wednesday, 17 January 2024

At the Eastern Mediterranean University (EMU) Faculty of Architecture, the significant "Wood-Hybrid System," which holds an important place within Innovative and Sustainable Architectural Designs, was discussed through a conference given by two prominent figures known for their global applications.


Ferhat Can and Volkan Başocak, two influential names actively engaged in Vienna, Austria, in their professional lives, introducing innovative applications in sustainable pursuits to various countries worldwide, delivered a seminar titled "Innovative Construction Technique: Wood-Hybrid System," hosted by the EMU Faculty of Architecture. As it is known, the universal search for environmentally friendly development solutions to the depletion of global energy resources, environmental pollution, and the climate crisis has intensified globally. In the field of architecture, sustainable designs have been developed and started to take place in many countries through innovative applications alongside conventional methods. Particularly in the twentieth century, as concrete structures took the forefront among building systems and materials, their energy efficiency and lasting negative effects on the environment have been frequently debated. As a result, new alternatives, with significant uniqueness, have begun to be implemented.


Within the scope of the seminar, along with comprehensive information about wood-hybrid systems, practical examples implemented in various parts of the world were presented. The sharing of the speakers' expertise in their fields and their experiences in active professional lives contributed to raising awareness among all participants regarding new developments in architecture within the context of sustainable practices and provided concrete methods for potential future steps. Suggestions were proposed for the introduction of Wood-Hybrid systems to the education and application sectors through Eastern Mediterranean University in the coming years.


Ferhat Can and Volkan Başocak, who are involved in innovative and sustainable building design and applications in Vienna, Austria, stand out in the field due to their accumulated experiences. Ferhat Can serves as the Chief Technology Officer at Cree Buildings, focusing on economic technologies in this position. Can, who has developed a profound expertise in innovative and sustainable architectural designs, has been involved in numerous prestigious projects. On the other hand, Volkan Başocak, as an architect, engineer, and educator, has taken part in various firms alongside running his own company, contributing to projects in sustainability, renewable energy, thermal energetic restorations, and the preservation of historical buildings. These projects, combining technical innovations and efforts to preserve historical heritage, showcase Başocak's knowledge and innovative approach in the field.


Prof. Dr. Resmiye Alpar Atun, the Dean of the Faculty of Architecture, emphasized the importance of closely monitoring developments in education and application within the EMU Faculty of Architecture. She highlighted the necessity of efforts towards implementing the wood-hybrid system, an innovative construction system, in our country as soon as possible. She pointed out that these sustainable applications could be a valuable initiative for resource-limited Northern Cyprus.

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